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Hi there!

I don't know if we have ever met (before), but I am grateful for your interest.



An artist whom I have been following for quite some time said the most inspiring thing: "the best way to start is to start". Yes. You can dream about whatever you want to do, or you can actually leap. I decided to do the latter. You have to come out of your comfort zone, or is there any other way to say: "hey, I want to do more than dream?"

This doesn't mean that your first try has to be perfect. (Who is perfect anyway?) Creativity is a continuous proces of searching, listening, inventing, opening up, and finding YOUR voice. This website for me is like Disney World to a kid - a magical place where I play and dance with words, where I can tell stories to whomever is listening. I do not promise you perfection, I do give you intention. The intention to create beautiful things, and be grateful for the opportunity.

Yes, I am a writer. This website has been created to share and - dare I dream? - inspire. If you feel like it, take a look around this website. There are poems (Quills And Daffodils), blogs, and more. Should you feel the need to leave a reply, I invite you to do that. Or just lurk. It's all good!


Just one thing: feel free to repost or share my writings on social media. I only ask you to add the link to my website. Thanks!


Have a beautiful day!

Love, San